Thursday, November 30, 2006

This comic strip is from an experience that I had a couple years ago where I woke up from falling asleep on my bed before I changed into clothes I sleep in. My light was still on and after a couple hours of sleeping something woke me up. I began to get up and felt really weird. Nothing made sense, it was like I was looking at the physical world from behind it, I was both in the world and some place else that wasn't physical. Time blew my mind, it didn't make any sense to me and then I thought about eating and that seemed like a really weird concept to me as well the whole idea of putting objects into ones self seemed weird. For an entire minute I was in this state of being where I was in this world and the world I must have been in when I was awakened and it was really confusing and uncomfortable.
Finally I decided to start thinking about earthly things like how good it felt to eat, I took some deep breaths and I felt myself slide back into place and earth made sense again. Now the idea of not having time suddenly seemed strange instead of just moments before where time made no sense. It was like I was connected to something when I awoke and since my awakening was so sudden I stayed in that state for a short amount of time.
This is the best way I can describe what happened I was in a different dimension, probably the spirit world and was experiencing that. Then I was awake and the confusion came in from experiencing two places at once, my spirit knew what it was doing but my mind, the thing that I use to experience this world and dimension had no memory of spirit and so it was really confusing being in two places at once. Once I was able to move completely out of the spirit realm and back into my body life made sense again.
Years went by until I stated reading about different aspects of psychic phenomenon. Apparently there is something called astro travel where your spirit bi-locates when you are sleeping. It returns home for nurturing and recovery from this dimension we dwell in. The vast majority of the time we don't remember doing this- we can't unless we learn how to access our spiritual memory which I have yet to learn how to do.
When I read about astro travel I believed it because from my experience I knew that something was going on when I slept. I had often imagined that we live two lives, the one when where we are asleep and go to the spirit world and the one we live now. It always bugged me that we lived in the world where we had no memory of this other world and what went on. I never quite believed that this happened until I read about astro travel and that there are some who do it and have control over it and it began to make sense to me.