Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Set up for Stellar Ethan

Stellar Ethan

Ethan Zap- A socially awkward guy who is very interested in the Meta psychical world and studies and experiments with it a lot. Loves dancing, interested in art, takes after his father and likes inventing. Para-balloning,
Abilities he currently has:
Telepathy- The kind I have where I am never sure if it is me or not. Also communicates with others and can suggest things in there mind when they are thinking and coming up with something (yes like a Jedi) (use the panda bear example with tiffany).
Readings for others, but kind of random
Prophecy- random thoughts or dreams about things, humor comes from the randomness and how it ties into what ends up happening.
Auras- some times sees them
Healing- at times

On the shy side

James Allan Zap –brother of Ethan. Named after the author of “As a man thinketh” Is very much into sports and always has a girlfriend. The whiner, complains at things and is the most materialistic of the family. Ethan tell him theories and experiences but also makes fun of him as well, but not the actual theories, just his over zealousness. Over all they are friends and get along.

Jet Jettson- The best friend of Ethan and the super talented one that Ethan is usually jealous of. Is an actor and semi famous in the independent scene. Also is in a band and really good as well. (maybe the snowmen) Also gets into deep discussions with Ethan about life.

Maxwell Zap- The father, inventor and based off of my own father. Conservative and based in faith.

Mary Zap- Mother, Buddhist background.

Roger Zap- AKA Mr.Kook. Paranoid of squirrels attacking him because he steals there food that he taught them how to make, it actually is a drug of sorts for him and frankly he is addicted.

The comic strip is about Ethan and his life with the interesting characters that he lives with and his daily musings about life and spirituality.

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