Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ocean Food

This idea was really funny when I was discussing it with my friend at work as I looked at a crap salad that I didn't want to eat. I told my friend that I was going to actually go up to the guy in the grocery store and ask him about ocean food. It seemed really funny at the time and I'm not sure if this comic really does it justice. Of course I chickened out and decided to make a comic strip about it instead.
Do we call it seafood instead of oceanfood because seafood is a shorter word with one less syllable?


Jake Bright said...

Very nice, I love how much randomness you keep putting in, plus your borders are looking awesome, probably the best I've seen. By the way, they lie to you at the bakery too

Meal-Pie said...

I laughed out loud my bro! Btw... was it a crap salad or a crab salad... either way it was funny!